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Welcome to the Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory at KU


Aug 2012: SymDex, a untrafast algorithm for comparing chemical libraries, was accepted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Jan 2012: was launched. A paper describing the LIMS for HTS was published.
Oct 2011: our protein residue-residue contact prediction server ProC_S3 was one of the best automatic prediction servers in CASP9. A paper describing the server was published by Bioinformatics.

August 2011: PROTS was accepted for publication in Proteins

Sept 2010: Our first predicted single-point mutation resulted in a mutant with a melting temperature 6.2 degree higher than the wild type protein.

Our second protein stability paper was published in Biochemical Biophysical Research Communications on May 6, 2010.

Our first protein stability paper was published in BMC Bioinformatics on Jan 28, 2010. It is "highly accessed"!

The Third Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics Workshop was held on Aug 13, 2009. It was also a success. The feedback from the audience was again very positive.
The Applied Bioinformatics Lab (ABL) at the University of Kansas is a research-oriented service laboratory providing advanced and comprehensive informatics support to the research community. Currently ABL staff focus on the followings:
  • Data analysis and mining in proteomics, genomics and chemistry;
  • Systems biology approaches such as pathway, network and interaction analyses;
  • Large scale statistical and machine learning studies;
  • Protein structure, function and stability prediction, sequence and domain analyses;
  • Design and implementation of relational databases and software programs;
  • Consultation on experimental design involving data acquisition, management and analysis;
  • Report, grant, and manuscript preparation.
Services are provided in the form of fee-based consultation for well defined informatics analysis, or collaborative projects for those requiring longer-term commitment of time and effort. We also provide workshops and one-to-one sessions for training in software programming and data analysis. We constantly explore new informatics areas and building new capacities based on scientific trends and local needs.
Free Weekly Bioinformatics Walk-in Hour
2 pm - 3 pm, Wednesday
Room 1014, Structural Biology Center, west campus
It is on a first-come-first-serve basis and so no appointment is required. The walk-in hour was designed as a resource for researchers who only need informal input or help on simple questions. Faculty, staff, fellows and students are all welcome to stop by. You can certainly make an appointment with us for other time.
Jianwen Fang, Ph.D.
Director, Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory
Office: 1014 Structural Biology Center
Phone: (785) 864-3349
Pricing and Grant policy
We rely on service fees to recoup operating expenses, purchase and maintain hardware/software. Typically, funding support is required via hourly rates, or arranged as a percent effort of sponsored research. However, The initial consulting session (~ of up to one hour) is available at no charge for a new project.
Current Rate Structure
KU Internal: $60 per hour
External academic: $93 per hour
Industry rate: $180 per hour
Authorship policy
Co-authorship on scientific articles is generally expected on studies where substantive input on experimental design and data analysis is provided. It is our policy not to forego funding in return for co-authorship. The official MSG policy is available here.